How To Expand Vocal Range

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Learn To Sing

Do you ever wish that you could hit that perfect vocal note?   But, you just don’t seem to be able to get there?  If you are seeking solutions to expand vocal range, you may not know where to begin the process, or what exercises to engage in.   Whether you are a beginner, amateur or professional looking to improve your voice quality and range, the steps outlined below will provide structured direction to enable you to achieve your voice goals.

To expand vocal range, follow these simple tips:

  1. Hire a Vocal Coach- Like any new skill set you are trying to learn or master, hiring a coach is a proven method of success.  Hiring a coach can enable you to strengthen your vocal range over time.  And, they can ensure that you don’t strain your vocal chords by providing you safe, targeted exercises to expand vocal range.  They will provide you tips, exercises and critique over time to facilitate your learning process.  Voice coaches will also provide much needed motivation as you work through the process.
  2. Embrace your Voice Range – Do you know what your current voice range is?  Are you an alto, soprano, bass or tenor?  Rather than forcing your voice into octaves which are not natural, learn what your personal voice range is and then work to remain within these confines.  Once you learn where your proper range is, you can begin to expand your vocal range in your specialized area.
  3. Strengthen your Vocal Transitions – Now that you have a firm understanding of your voice strengths, as you learn to expand your vocal range, you will begin to focus energy on your note transitions.  Work slowly to master voice transitions within your area of comfort, and then over time, you can stretch your voice to reach higher octaves.
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  5. Strengthen your Breath – Have you ever noticed that your voice tone raises when you are angry?  This added voice strength often comes from your chest strength, and the fact that you often breathe in heavily right before you well.  You need this same strength in order to hit higher notes.  To build this strength, you need to focus on breathing exercises.  Ask your voice coach for exercise tips which you can practice.
  6. Ask for Help Again – Rather than attempting to learn how to expand vocal range on your own, ask for help from a professional voice coach.  Request specific voice exercises which you can practice on your own time.  One technique which may be recommended is called voice bending, a process in which you will work to change the shape of your mouth while singing notes.  Your voice coach may also provide you with specific breathing exercises to practice in between sessions.  Be sure to also ask for honest feedback during your voice sessions from your coach.  Practice, combined with feedback, will enable you to expand vocal range.
  7. Work Slowly- Before you can move up range, you must first master the notes in the lower range of your singing voice.  Take your time.  Too many singers become frustrated when they don’t see immediate results.  Remember, you are both learning skill sets and strengthening your voice and breath through repetitive exercises.  Don’t quit; who knows, you might be quitting right before you reached your goal.

You can expand vocal range.  But, the process will require focus, dedication, practice and persistence.

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