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There are a number of misconceptions about how to sing metal – it seems easy to begin with! Most would even think that learning how to sing metal would only involve a lot of screaming, yelping, shouting and grunting. Well, if you are looking to learn how to sing metal, chances are you already know this is not the case. You must have listened to your favorite metal artists and naturally tried to imitate them as well. I am sure they are flattered, but how about letting your own natural voice combine with their technique to give this world a new metal artist?

For starters, when learning how to sing metal it is necessary to breathe right – when you inhale, puff out your stomach. This is termed breathing from your diaphragm and you sing when you exhale. Once you have mastered this method of natural singing then you can continue to add metal singing techniques like vibrato. A great technique is to push and not force air from your lungs in order to make that raspy voice that sounds like the death throes of a lion!

Any of the techniques that metal artists use must not be simply copied by you but practiced consistently to perfect how to sing metal. If you want to learn how to sing metal without destroying your vocal chords, follow these short steps each day:

  • With a relaxed throat, allow your mouth to hang open slightly.
  • After a deep breath, push the air up from your diaphragm so that it sounds like the sound of wind. Do not involve your vocal chords when doing this.
  • When exhaling, slowly introduce some raspy gurgling sounds from the bottom of your throat.
  • To give make this sound more evil, place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth.

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With regular practice of these simple tips, you will soon begin sounding like the voice from hell – great when you want to know how to sing metal. If you want to get one step further and learn how to do harsh death metal vocals, here are some more tips to follow:

  • Drink the right kind of fluids before attempting to sing like your favorite metal artist. Warm water or milk softens the vocal chords preparing them for practice.
  • Initially try to imitate bands that are metal but not really harsh. Listen to them repeatedly till you can pinpoint their technique. This way you can ease into harsh vocals without damaging your vocal chords.
  • The main way to avoid harm to your vocal chords is by singing form deep within, the diaphragm. When you press air through your lungs evenly, as it gets pushed out from tightened tonsils, a low grunting voice will be the product.
  • Intensify the grunt and slowly add lyrics. Some good practice and you will be ready to sing favorably to your friends.

If you like to scream like they do in the metal bands, please understand it is not unregulated screaming that will teach you how to sing metal. Make sure you are breathing from your diaphragm so that you have enough support and air for the scream. The best way to begin with how to sing metal is by mimicking the sound of a cat growling giving you a scratchy tone and making your face and head resonate. Hold this growling sound for a few seconds and then add volume and power to it. Practice the timbre and tone of your scream. If your throat is not hurting, you are doing it right and on the way to knowing how to sing metal!

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