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Knowing how to throat sing is also known as how to do overtone singing or chanting, and also harmonic singing. In it, you control the amplified sounds your vocal cords produce by altering the shape of your mouth and other throat structures; hence the name, throat singing.

So, when looking to learn how to throat sing, here are some steps to carry out:

  1. Clear the Throat: as the name implies, when learning how to throat sing your throat is critical to proper singing. So, drink a little water, and then clear your throat by a few gentle coughs. If you have any rough feeling, any scratchiness to your throat, consider resting it for a while before singing. You can drink some mild tea with honey to help relieve any such discomfort, but do not drink the tea straight or with sugar. Unsweetened tea can be bitter and irritate the throat, and refined cane sugar can do the same so avoid it when learning how to throat sing. Another good exercise for learning how to throat sing is to hold a mouthful of water, bring your lips up tightly together – at a point – and then open them just slightly; create a small hole. Turn your head down so you’re facing the floor, and then gently inhale. Be careful not to inhale too hard as you might choke on the water; you want to get a nice moist air bubble to wet down your voice box, lungs and air passages. Doing this for one to two minutes will help greatly.
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  3. Blocking the Throat: once you’ve cleared your throat, make a loud wheezing sound – loud enough so that you can hear it, and then gradually block down you throat until you hear a soft screeching noise. You accomplish this blocking by using your tongue; you move it to the back of your throat and flex and tighten it. With practicing how to throat sing, you can block off your throat in just the right manner to create the sounds you want. As soon as you hear the screeching, tighten your throat to get the pitch of the sound to go higher. If you want to get the pitch to go lower, you hollow your throat out – but remember to keep it blocked.
  4. Hollowing Out Your Throat: to do this properly, you need to do two things. First, put your fingers on your Adam’s apple and make sure it moves up and down. Next, force your tongue back into your mouth as far as you can get it.
  5. Focus on the Song: initially, when you’re first learning how to throat sing, just focus on singing the song – getting it right and getting it to sound right. Then, as you get confident on the singing, you can work on boosting the volume.
  6. Don’t Overdo It: as with anything else you do in life, when learning how to throat sing, don’t sing out too hard or too loud. If you blast your voice too hard you can hurt your vocal cords and even rupture blood vessels in your throat. You must avoid hurting the parts of your throat needed for singing; so, keep this in mind: air pressure is the key factor. If you blast too much air over your vocal cords – while at the same time tightening and/or blocking your throat – they can stretch out and be damaged. This damage can be irreparable.

So, you can learn how to throat sing, you need to take care to learn the right steps and also not go overboard in your efforts. As with anything else in life, learn the basics and gradually build up how to throat sing.

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