Singing Breathing Exercises For Control and Strength

Learn To Sing

Learn To Sing

Before you can honestly start learning how to sing, you first have to learn how to breathe.  You would think that would be a simple thing, after all, you do it all the time, even in your sleep.  However, singing requires you to be able to breathe differently, mostly because you have to be able to get a full, deep breath in order to have power in your voice and to hold notes for long period evenly.  This is going to involve using your diaphragm, not just your chest to breathe.  The best way to learn to do this is through singing breathing exercises.

Here are a few tips that will help you master the singing breathing exercises that will make your voice one to behold.

  1. Use Your Diaphragm – First, you have to learn how to work with your diaphragm in order to breather properly.  You can’t control your diaphragm, but you are able to control the muscles that surround it such as your abdominal muscles.  If you take a deep breath and force your chest and shoulders to remain immobile, you have to use your abdominal muscles in order to get a good deep breath.  This is the appropriate way to breathe for singing.  Practice this during the day and soon it will feel completely natural and you will know of no other way to breathe.  Think of it as one of several singing breathing exercises.
  2. Time to Exhale – Inhale using your diaphragm, let your abdominal muscles feel as though they are like a balloon and you have to get it completely full.  You should see your abdomen expand both out and to the sides.  Now, pretend that you have a straw in your mouth and you have to blow the air out through it in short bursts, but make a hissing sounds, like a snake.  Be very careful not to ‘shhh.’  This is another of the singing breathing exercises that help teach control.
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  4. Gaining Muscle Control – Using that same ‘ssss’ sound, take another big breath and let it all out in one consistent even stream of air.  Don’t let it get softer, or louder, and continue until you are out of breath.  You should feel this in your diaphragm area and with your abdominal muscles.  When you are looking for singing breathing exercises that can help increase your muscle control and enable you to carry a note longer, this one is particularly important.
  5. Get Some Power – Take another big breath of air and not do the same sound, with the same tension, but make it as loud as you can.  Force your abdominal muscles to help the air out.  This helps to strengthen your diaphragm, which is really just a sheet of muscle and needs to be exercised.  Utilizing this as one of your singing breathing exercises not only helps you learn to control the muscles, but will eventually help you create a more powerful voice.
  6. Time To Get Physical – In addition, there are physical singing breathing exercises that can help you learn better control and strengthen those muscles related to breathing.  The best one is to lie down flat on your back, slowly raise one leg while forcing yourself to breathe with your diaphragm to a ninety-degree angle.  Hold this position while continuing to breathe then lower your leg and do the same with the other leg.  You may find this difficult at first, but after you do it a few times a day for a couple of weeks, you will definitely notice more control over your breathing.

Singing breathing exercises are vital to anyone that wants to learn to sing better.  Without them, it can be very difficult to sustain and hold a powerful note and really impress an audience.

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