How to Learn Singing Harmony

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Learn To Sing

Do you ever wonder about how people get that perfect sounding chorus? Have you ever noticed the two or three backup singers in a band? It’s all about singing harmony. If you’re a good singer looking for singing harmony with others, but you’re lost among all the nuances and techniques, or a beginner looking to begin singing harmony, there are some steps to take. For that matter, even if you’re a musician looking for those perfect harmonized vocals for your band, the steps outlined below will provide structured direction to enable you to achieve your voice goals.

To learn singing harmony, follow these simple tips:

  1. Understand the Difference – People often like to sing, but what they sing is usually the ‘lead’ parts or the so-called main vocals. What they do not understand is that the perfect sounding chorus, or any other section, can often be only achieved by adding two or more vocals in singinging harmony, at different pitches or notes. Just like more than one note is combined to make that perfect sounding chord, only more than one vocal singing together at different pitches can perfect singing harmony.
  2. Get Vocal Coaching – Just like any other skill is better learned and honed under proper guidance, you can always be learn and master singing harmony under a good coach. It is also beneficial in other ways, as vocal coaches can always keep you away from picking up any bad technique that could harm your voice in the long run, and also motivate you.
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  4. Explore the Range – Do you actually know what notes you can hit? How high or how low can you sing? What your voice type is? Only after you have mastered your own range can you then explore techniques that can expand your range further, and learn more about your own voice. This will lead to understanding your capabilities and limitations, and can help you and keep you away from harming your voice by forcing it to sing outside your range. Knowing what part you sing best is vital in singing harmony.
  5. Learn to Follow – Singing harmony perfectly means to sing in concord with the lead vocals and not overpower them; rather you want to complement them to enhance the nuances of the song. Thus, it is always expected of a good singer to be able to follow the notes sung by the lead singer perfectly. One should always take care to follow the singer, but not sound like him/her, when singing harmony.
  6. Practice, Practice and Practice- One cannot stress this point too harder; there is no substitute for practice and everyone should dedicate a definite amount of time every day toward practicing. Though sometimes it may seem very boring to sing a single part over and over but, only the act of practice can make you better.
  7. Be Patient – One cannot become a singer in a day and must have the patience and diligence to stick to it even if success is achieved at an earlier stage. Just keep doing it till you are singing harmony perfectly.
  8. Learn the Other Parts – This goes back to learning the difference between all of the voices in the chorus. By learning everyone’s part, you learn the entire musical piece, and essentially see how all the pieces fit together to form the entire song. This helps you to understand your part better when singing harmony.

Singing harmony is critical to being in a group, choir and chorus. So, take the time to learn about how to sing this way.

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