Singing Posture Can Make A Difference

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Learn To Sing

One of the most difficult things to learn when first learning to sing, is learning proper singing posture.  Singing posture is very important to any professional singer, and it should be to you, too.  If you have the correct singing posture, you will find that it is easier to breather properly which in turn enable you to hold those long notes, and hit the proper pitch every time.

Here are a few ways to make sure that your singing posture is as good as you can get it:

  1. Up Against A Wall – Try standing against a wall, tucking the pelvis in.  Keep your shoulders back, but don’t let them rise, instead, keep them down.  Your head should be back against the wall with your chin parallel to the floor.  Do not lock your knees, you will have problems with your balance should you do this.  Keep your feet slightly apart, start at shoulder width if you must.  Now step up onto your toes just barely allowing your heal to leave the floor.  Allow one foot to move slightly in front of the other, now lower your heels to the floor.  Inhale and feel how much more air you are able to take into your lungs.  You should feel not only your abdomen move, but also your back should move some.  Do this before you practice your breathing and you will find it will become second nature very quickly.
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  3. Flat On Your Back – Another way to make sure that your singing posture is aligning correctly, and it may even be easier than the first description for those of you that may have weaker muscles is to lie flat on the floor.  Press your lower back into the floor in an effort to straighten your spine and open up your rib cage as far as possible.  A good idea is to do this with a book handy.  Place the book on your abdomen.  Breathe in and watch the book rise, breathe in and watch it lower.  You should be able to feel that you are taking in more air than you were when you were standing and slouching.
  4. Old-Fashioned Book Balancing – You can also try balancing a book on your head to help you achieve correct sing posture.  It is impossible to balance a book on the top of your head if you have poor posture.  Start by simply standing straight.  Place the book on your head and adjust your stance to enable you to keep the book there.  Keep your feet slightly apart and one foot just a bit in front of the other.  This will help you to stand longer with becoming stiff, sore, or too tired.  It will also increase your balance, which you need if you in turn are going to be balancing something.  Practice breathing like this.  Remember to use your abdomen and not your chest for this.  When you have mastered this, try walking around a bit.  Before long you will have beautiful singing posture and will be able to hold those long notes with the extra air you can inhale.

Proper singing posture is vital to any good singer.  Without it, it is virtually impossible to get enough air into your lungs to maintain consistency in your voice and increase power and flexibility.

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