5 Tips On Singing Nobody Will Share With You!

Learn To Sing

Learn To Sing

Singing is as intrinsic to human nature as breathing. For years now, humans have sung in the name of nature, art, religion, society and mostly that divine emotion love. All of us have this desire to let go with a burst of air and noise and relay emotions, be it in the form of a rock anthem or a soulful ballad. Unfortunately, not all of us are born with the natural talent to sing well. Here are 5 tips on singing to take your desire of singing from the shower to the stage.

  • Control your breathing – the most common mistake is to hold your breath when singing. This hampers your natural sound, volume and also makes it harder to hit the right tone. Thus, one of the most important tips on singing is to learn diaphragmatic breathing technique. Breathe deep so that it presses out on your lower ribcage as you breathe. There is an exercise you can use to practice this form of breathing. While lying down place a hand on your upper chest and the other one on the lower chest. When breathing in, make sure the hand on your lower chest under the ribcage moves up and down while the hand on the upper chest does not move at all.
  • Look in the mirror – this is one of the best tips on singing – it actually works! A mirror gives you the option to experiment and improvise. Check your breathing, facial expressions, your posture and you will be able to determine what is not working right. Continually change your posture and use your face and mouth differently when in front of the mirror. You will be able to hear different sounds with these changes and this will give you an opportunity to keep changing for the better. It will be with some surprise that you will understand how standing in a different posture or opening your mouth a little wider can change your voice and tone considerably!
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  • Enhance your natural voice – as we listen to our favorites singers, it becomes an unconscious habit to try and imitate them. Since no two people are alike, your voice cannot be an exact replica of anybody else. It is ok to copy accents or styles of singing, but develop a natural voice – a voice that is yours and not a harsh copy of your favorite artist. Without the restriction of having to sound like somebody else, you will find new emotions, tones and notes in your voice that you never knew existed!
  • Take care of your voice – by quitting smoking, drinking, yelling or talking very loudly or even talking too much. Understanding that your voice is a delicate instrument that you need to cherish is one of the most fundamental tips on singing. You do not want to lose the edge in your voice if you are really looking to learn better singing. If you are looking for a raspy voice, voice techniques are better than baseless screaming.
  • Bring in the emotions – music is an emotional journey for anybody who sings and also for those who listen. With their notes, musicians and singers convey strength, weakness, colors, happiness, love, stories and a hundred other emotions. To make the most of all these tips on singing, you have to allow the emotions to spread through your body and get conveyed through your vocal chords. Sing with an emotion and let it overtake your mind and soul. If this is sounding too outrageous to you, you really have to work harder!

Together with these tips on singing, you need to practice and practice and practice to better your singing.

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