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Many people want to learn how to sing rock – it is not so hard, if you follow a few tips. Actually, unless you really do not have a flair for singing, these four tips can get you rocking… on your way:

  • Control Your Breathing: This is the most essential part to being an accomplished in how to sing. Your diaphragm is where the source of your energy comes from when you push air through your vocal chords while signing. Even when you are not signing, breathe from your diaphragm. This can be done by enlarging your stomach every time you breathe in. To begin with, you can actually look down to see if your stomach is jutting out every time you breathe. Once you’re comfortable with breathing through your diaphragm, begin to sing on the exhale. Practice this for a little longer and you will notice that you are able to hold your notes longer. Keep in mind that you are not to use your throat to sing, instead sing from your diaphragm or stomach if you want to know how to sing rock, or any other genre. Ideally, you should see your abdomen go in and out as you sing, not your chest rise and fall.
  • Maintain Your Posture Properly: Another fundamental of how to sing rock that goes hand in hand with the breathing is your posture. Any chest or neck constriction largely affects the way air reaches your vocal chords from within. When standing, expand your chest with your arms slightly out in front of you at your sides. This creates a good singing environment within your body for how to sing rock, enabling you to project a stronger voice. By standing up straight, you windpipe stays clear and open, and you won’t compress your chest and abdomen, which means being able to breathe deep, and exhale correctly.
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  • Voice, not an Echo: What is also important in how to sing rock is mimicry and how much of it to add to your performance in how to sing rock. All of us like to sing to our favorite rock bands so it is obvious that we may end up trying to imitate somebody’s voice while singing. It is important to not to try and copy anybody else, just use some elements from your idol’s singing, but incorporate it into your own style. It is better to learn how to sing rock in your natural voice rather than doing a terrifying Axel Rose! It would be easier if you tried strumming the acoustic guitar and just hum any words that come to your mind. Soon, you will be used to listening to your own voice and you will see that it is not that bad at all. You have a unique vocal sound as well, so get used to it and encourage it.
  • Energy & Enthusiasm: Most all, when it comes to how to sing rock, you need oodles of enthusiasm. If you see Mick Jagger or Axel Rose, you’ll notice that they ooze enthusiasm on stage, and that is the spirit you need to absorb. There are a lot of examples of singers who have done exceedingly well but have ‘horrible’ voices; for instance, Bob Dylan couldn’t sing well, but sold millions of records worldwide. This enthusiasm, confidence and a bit of dramatic flair can do wonders for teaching you how to sing rock.

Your voice may not be technically suited for rock singing, but with these tips and continued practice to control your breathing and posture, you can project a strong rock star voice. Learn new skills, explore your boundaries, and once you learn how to sing rock, it will be a rewarding experience.

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